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Operation Infinite Justice

The Martin Tielli Community

2/16/05 09:59 pm - benjy_mouse - TVO

Dude, I keep seeing the Tiellster on TVO. Yay for quality television supporting quality artists XD

Yeah, okay, 90% of the purpose of this post was so Alex isn't the only one posting on this community.

Props to Alex, though! =D

2/10/05 01:45 am - waterstrider - Our favourite Pisces celebrates his fish-tastic birthday

You all know this, because you're all on the Six Shooter mailing list (AREN'T YOU?), but February 25 is Martin's birthday, and we are all encouraged to send jpegs of love to Six Shooter.
February 25th is Whitesox Day! That's right, it's Martin Tielli's birthday! I urge everyone to have a Galoise Blue and don their white socks in this great man's honour. The first person to email us a pair of white socks and a Galoise wins a pair of white socks and a Galoise. Ok, I've just been told that the interweb can't handle that kind of so-called "bandwidth". Soooo, send us a jpeg (ooooo...the future...) of a birthday card for our pal Martin, or a jpeg of you and your Galoise Blue, and the greatest entry (as judged by us) will receive a Martin Tielli themed present.

Naturally, as soon as I read this I immediately wasted several hours in that very pursuit. The result...Collapse )

Let's see some more weird Photoshop tributes! Or I'll start banning people!

I'm just kidding. Or am I?

1/17/05 01:44 am - waterstrider - Icons from The Tarleks video

It may be a little sad that I'm the only person who ever posts topics in here, but I don't care. Where else are people supposed to get Martin Tielli icons?


We could use a couple of people like you.Collapse )

Comment if you're taking one, and credit me please.

[Also: you might be interested in doing a "Save Target As" on this URL, rather than watching it in the browser.]

1/14/05 04:29 pm - waterstrider - Martin with his pants down.

The Tarleks music video.

Is anyone else in love with those glasses?

12/17/04 08:07 am - waterstrider - Merry Christmas, Sergeant Kraulis

The Sergeant Kraulis video is up at last. Fuck yeah. I should have known about this on Tuesday, according to Fish Mailin', but that's what I get for studying.

ETA: Yeah, um, you might want to download the video from the FTP site and go make breakfast or something, rather than watching the CBC video download second by painful second.

Also: God, Martin has such a weirdly expressive face.

12/10/04 10:18 pm - waterstrider - Martin becomes an actor. Yes, seriously.

From Six Shooter Records' mailing list:
Martin Tielli in BLACK WIDOW

Our own Mr. Martin Tielli can now add a slash in his title by becoming a musician/actor. Alongside Sarah Slean and Mary Margaret O'Hara, Martin stars in a movie about a woman (Slean) from Hamilton who, with the help of her mother (O'Hara), murders her husband (Tielli) and their baby. Based on a true story, even! Sounds like a pretty sketchy story to me. The convenient thing about having a cast made up of musician/actors is that you can also wind up with a built in soundtrack, in this case produced by our own Michael Phillip Wojewoda. Martin has been getting into character by lurking around in a pair of black pajamas with pipe cleaner spider legs attached to them all week.

How fucking awesome is this? Mary Margaret O'Hara has already been in a few insane little films, and I am utterly delighted that Martin and Sarah Slean are now doing the same. No doubt it will be entirely impossible to see it outside Toronto, but maybe Showcase will buy it and put it on late at night sometime.

I have always thought that Martin would make a good actor. But then, I also thought that John Lennon did a good job in How I Won the War, and most reputable movie nerds disagree, so what do I know?

11/27/04 01:45 am - waterstrider - Musicians need holiday cheer, too.

Why not send a card this year to Martin, or any other poor sad musician shivering away the holidays in artistic squalor? Buy a cute card and write Martin a little note telling him that he R0X0RZ and should perform solo more. (Note: if lots of people do this, I will look less crazy, so I heartily recommend the practice.)

I found an adorable card from local artist Annetta Battey-Pratt, who does cards with bugs and fish and things. My gay-ass message:
Dear Martin,
Merry Christmas from me and your other fans in Kingston! I just got Schoenberg Cabarets last week and it's amazing. I really hope you feel up to performing solo sometime in the new year, because you're an amazing artist and I know how terrible it is when anxiety keeps you from doing something you love. Thank you for your groin-grabbingly transcendent music,
XO Alex

See, honest flattery + a card with a fish on it + gentle urging to please rock our faces = guaranteed merry Christmas.

Send your holiday love to:
Martin Tielli
c/o Green Sprouts Music
P.O. Box 616, Station C
Toronto, ON
M6J 3R9

11/25/04 02:33 pm - fourlittlesongs - Seperated at birth? You decide.

As requested, proof that Martin Tielli is Wendel Clark.Collapse )

11/19/04 05:41 pm - waterstrider - Why won't Martin drive? Inaugural post.

All right, I just created this community on a whim. Given the state of contemplative silence going on in the greensprouts community, I'm not expecting a whole lot of chatter on here, but I thought it would be nice to at least have a group for purely Martin stuff.

But do feel free to prove me wrong. Tielli fans may be few, but we are tenacious and fierce when cornered.

I also run The Blue Hysteria, a Rheostatics site which may someday develop a wing for Martin's solo stuff, which was my first love.

And as to why Martin won't drive, a fellow named Brian Peterson told me this story in an email:
Martin told us that when he was in high school, he
borrowed his friend's car in order to learn to drive. He was by himself
and it was winter (of course, when is it not winter in Canada??) and he
ended up sliding the car off an icy road into a pond. He got out in time
but the car sank. He's never driven since!
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