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New Pictures

I picked up the brand new, much anticipated (for me anyway) Melissa McClelland cd. The cd is entitled Thumbelina's One Night Stand. When I turned to the first page of the booklet I did a double take because the artwork was very reminiscent of the artwork in Harmelodia. Turning through all the pages, I realized that the artwork had to be that of Mr Martin Tielli. One of the pictures even has a rainy view of The Intersteer from a Thumbelina-sized person's perspective. Flipping to the back, I confirmed what I already knew to be true: "Illustrations by Martin Tielli".

Now, add to that, something I learned just yesterday from the Six Shooter Website:

Located within our cozy Queen Street store (see above) is a small art gallery and we are honoured that the inaugural exhibition shows paintings by none other than Six Shooter's own Martin Tielli. Anyone who has seen Martin's artwork (or heard his music) knows how amazing this dude is. The exhibition will focus primarily on the exquisite Thumbelina paintings he created for the album artwork for Melissa McClelland's upcoming release (Orange Records). Our party on June 10th marks the grand opening of the exhibition, however, we hope that you will also be able to view this work during the Riverdale Art Walk the week before (June 3-4). Martin will also be showing some other pieces during this show as well (but hopefully not his cod piece), so please visit us anytime during the month of June to ch-ch-check it out.

Just thought some of you might like to know this. Although, now on hindsight, perhaps you all already know this and I am the last to find out. In which case, someone should have posted this here (or somewhere) already.

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